25th July 2011

You probably haven't heard of Winterwell, and there's a good reason for that. This is a small and beautiful boutique festival (around 1,500 capacity) based at a secret location in the Cotswolds. Now we've been there, we know where it is, but if we tell you we'll have to...
Winterwell has never been actively publicly promoted, and it's popularity has grown through word-of-mouth alone. Because of this it's got a real friendly party atomosphere - basically a big group of friends getting together for a hedonistic weekend in the country.
Of course, behind all this fun & games, there's a whole lot of planning and rigging to make it all work. Peak Hire were on site providing generators, power distribution, sound systems, lighting and rigging services.
Main stage featured the smaller EAW KF730 line array system, with Soundcraft MH3/MH2 desks providing control. Lighting was Martin MAC heads and StudioDue LED fixtures rigged on the self-climbing stage roof. We also provided sound and lighting systems for 4 satellite venues, ranging from a dance tent (capacity 100) to a pub-style live venue for 500.
Highlights of the weekend included the fancy dress competition (the theme this year: board games -  think Scrabble, Twister, Mousetrap and Hungry Hippos) and the late-night burlesque show held in a bedouin tent. On stage we particularly liked Rockaoke - karaoke with a live backing band (next year we're packing the autotune).
We all had a great time at Winterwell, and have been recommending it to our friends ever since. See you there?