Subway Picnic Rocks 2008

17th September 2008

Affinity Events were appointed event managers for the first ever Subway Picnic Rocks event, their first thought for technical support was Peak Hire. Having worked extensively with Peak over the last few years, the event management team were confident that we could provide the level of equipment and service to suit the event budget.
"We turned to Peak because of the challenges of the event - a short get in time, difficult access and a number of bands to turn around quickly, we needed a team we could trust"
Alan Wallace, Managing Director, Affinity Events Limited. With a newly refurbished (and very expensive!) bandstand as the venue, we carefully designed our sound and lighting system to give near 360 degree coverage, without impacting on the stage area we had to work with. Using our EAW line array speaker system (comprising KF730's and Sb730's), Soundcraft MH3/48 for front of house control, various Martin Mac moving heads and our Avo Pearl we put together a show that would support all of the artistes and allow the audience to see and hear everything that was happening. We also provided all event electrical site power systems, supplies and distribution. Running from two 100kVA generators with automatic mains failure panel we provided power for all stage activities, stalls and caterers.]]>