MAYC Breakout 2008

17th September 2008

MAYC (the youth division of the Methodist Church) on their bi-annual event 'Breakout'. We've worked with MAYC since 2004 and have completed events for them at both the Winter Gardens in Blackpool (Breakout 2004 & 2006) and also their birthday celebrations at Cliff College in Derbyshire in 2005. For the Breakout event this year we returned to Cliff College where, working with the event management team from Affinity Events we provided full lighting, sound and power provision for all of the venues and campsite areas. This included our Mach sound system for the main Big Top venue, as well as Mac500, Mac600 and Mac700 moving head lights. With bands such as YFriday, FourKornerz and Sounds of Salvation in the main venue, and a selection of bands and workshops in the second venue, the event was attended by about 1200 young people from around the UK. The event falls between Picnic Rocks and the Lambeth Conference, and the same weekend as the 2000 Trees festival, so no time to relax, we're straight off to Canterbury...]]>