Le Maitre Pyroflash 6-24

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The Le Maitre Pyroflash 6/24 is the leading system for firing multiple combinations of pyrotechnic effects including Pyroflash and ProStage II.

It is a 6 channel unit, offering a range of features to enable any number of combinations of effects to be fired safely and reliably.


Key switch for complete safety
Intelligent monitoring means that any fault or damage to the system is shown instantly, allowing the system to be disabled before firing
Integrated test facility for assured firing status
Each of the 6 channels, if selected independently, is capable of firing up to 10 effects, wired in series over a maximum distance of 50 metres
Used in conjunction with standard pods, variable angle pods, twin pods and splitter boxes
Up to 240 effects can be fired from one system. Using the channel selector switch and a splitter box on each channel enables the firer to select any one of 24 channels. Each of these channels can take up to 10 effects in series. Each channel must be fired individually
All 6 channels can be fired simultaneously with up to 5 effects wired in series on each channel
Supplied with 3-pin Bulgin connections.